Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.: Conquest To Conquer Malls :.

The much awaited long break in-between jobs was spend mostly on shopping. As an additional bonus, it was exactly on the same time when Malaysia was having it's annual Mega Sales *excited*. So my mom & I decided to conquer the main malls of the Klang Valley. We went on a marathon to One Utama, e@Curve, Ikea, KLCC, Tropicana City Mall, Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid & Pavilion.

I think I managed to rake up the credit card bill to close to a thousand ringgit just on shopping alone. It's not that I bought much, but it's a dress here, a pair of shoes there, stuff like those. I didn't ever spend that much at any one point of time while I was working, so I suppose this is my period of indulgence - all the "unspent years". The Husband winced in pain when I highlighted to him that since I am not earning any income at the moment, my credit card bills for this month will have to be settled by him. Come to think of it, I should make him settle my credit card bill altogther, regardless whether I am working or not!

Anyways, nearing to my last few days before I start my new job, I told my husband that I really am compelled to request for a delayed start in my new work. Reason being is that I felt that a stretch of slightless less than a month wasn't quite enough just yet for me. The Husband always kept silent when this matter was brought up time and again. I suppose he fear that he had to pick my credit card tab for another month? Hmmm…

So I got a couple of new working dress (mostly from Nichii & Zara), some long pants, a skirt or two (from Lee Ann Maxima), and a pair of dinner heels (which was going at RM30 at Charles & Keith, an absolute steal!). Oh, and I got myself a couple of accessories too (don't know why I just had this sudden obsession with accessories of late!).

I am still looking for a pair of pumps (in red perhaps?) because the one that I wear to work is in boring black. Also, I am still looking for a nice dinner dress - as there will be a couple of wedding dinners to attend lined up for this year.

Oh, joy of shopping! But bleh, the un-joy of credit card bills the following month!

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