Sunday, October 5, 2008

.: WaMu :.

Typical conversation between myself and JC when I'm obviously bored with the all-so-serious-world-financial-crisis conversation:

Both of us, being accountants, can't help but discuss deadly serious world financial related issues (if not Malaysian political issues). And JC, being JC, at that time, couldn't take the hint that I have enough of debating on whether Asian countries are not suffering as bad as their US & UK counterpart because Asian are still financially strong or it's just a lag effect.

So, my last resort was just to simply act dumb (and throw in a bimboish accent if I can help it!~ *wink*)

Me : Dear, what's a Wamu?

JC: Wamu is short for Washington Mutual. It's a bank in the US which was declared bankrupt today! (this conversation took place about a week back)

Me : o0o0o0o0o...... But is sounds too cute to be a bank. *puts on a naive face*

JC: But it is.... (still oblivious to what I'm trying doing)

Me: You know what it sounds like? *innocent voice* It sounds like an animal.... A small fury, fluffy lil animal....

JC: Really? And how big is this animal? (obviously gotten the hint and started to play along)

Me: About this big *cup my hand* Just like a small lil hamster!

JC: I see....

Me: Dear.......

JC: Uh huh?

Me: Can we go get a Wamu as a pet?

JC: *laughs* Ok.... *kisses my forehead*

So now, we are in a constant look out to get this imaginary animal that doesn't exist as our pet!
So if you hear a couple going around talking bout small, furry lil Wamus, that will be us! *wink*

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