Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.: CNY 2010 :.

I love CNYs for the sole reason that it’s the one of the few times where the whole complete family (from my maternal side) gets to sit down, and have dinner together.

My grandma, with her seven children and their spouse, and her ten grandchildren, all seated down in the dining room, divided into three tables – the adult table, the young adult (we have upgraded to call ourselves young adults) and the children’s table (which is actually the living room marble table outside).

We eat the traditional peranakan food usually of…

1) Ponteh / Pong tay (Chicken or pork cooked in brown bean paste with mushroom)

2) Chak Bek (Pork and liver slices cooked with shredded ginger)

3) Ayam Buah Keluak (Chicken in Black Nut Curry)

4) Sambal ayam/udang/telur (Chicken/Prawn/Eggs Sambal)

5) Pig stomach with black pepper soup

6) Others such as fish, vegetables, etc

…accompanied by homemade sambal belacan (for ponteh), homemade cili cuka (for chak bek), Peranakan acar (which is crunchy pickled cucumber and chili stuffed with grated young papaya).

All this flushed down with an icy cold drink (which is usually limited, so one has to really rush to ensure they get a cup) and the occasional wine.

We eat, we drink and boy we were so loud and merry that it will probably put a crowded Irish bar to shame.

And in the past years, we used to have games like charades, taboo, etc right after dinner.

However, this year, everyone was so engrossed with playing the computer, watching YouTube, running virtual restaurants, etc that our customary games took a back seat. Such a shame, but oh well!

On the first day of CNY, we will all gather for our family photo – one big happy family! :)

It would be very likely that I wouldn’t be able to join them next year, at that’s what makes my heart break so much. But let’s just see, perhaps I can negotiate with JC to let me go back Malacca next year. Afterall, he doesn’t really have a big reunion dinner like we do anyways! :)

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