Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.: Of Legal Age :.

Upon explaining that Yin needs to be in Bukit Tinggi to babysit Tammie & Kevin for the weekends as Tammie’s parents will be heading to Malacca,

JC : What? Yin babysits them?
Me : Yes
JC : I don’t see the difference
Me : Well, Yin is older than Tammie you know? Yin is 21, Tammie is only 18.
JC : Well, it’s not materially different
Me : But Yin can make all the LEGAL decisions Tammie can’t
JC : -.-‘ What legal decisions?

I don’t know, but with that logic, JC agreed to drive up to babysit them instead of hanging around to find out... Haha! :)

So Yin, Tammie & Kevin, you guys owe JC big time ya!


bemusedyin said...

whaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... i dun look old mehhr? =___=

oh ya.. today i read ur blog to kevin(the previous post).. I read Jc bla bla.. then kevin asked me what is "JC".
Yin: Its john chna laaa
Kev: ohhh i din knw that/..
YIn: who u tot it was? Jesus CHrist? John not that holy u knw.
Kev: hahaha. blasphemy.

Kathlynn said...

no, it’s not looks that we were talking about. its mental MATURITY! :)

kenwooi said...

haha.. 18 years old..
it should be called "teenage-sit" =P

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