Wednesday, March 31, 2010

.: Ji Muis :.

At the mention of ji muis and chut mun games, my schoolmates aka mass emailing buddies are suddenly so excited over my wedding (wish I feel the same, but *sigh*)

Ser said that she will not be as lenient as she was on her first time being the ji mui -> knowing her, she must have literally handed the keys to the groom, she’s just way too soft.

Fei said that she is not as ganas as Qian, so Qian should be the head ji mui.

Qian said she would be busy snappin pictures, but I already explained to her that I will engage two photographer (hopefully) so she would just need to concentrate on torturing the groom and his heng tais.

Xiao also wants in, and she’s super excited that she too wants to get married -> will hint to Benjamin if I get a chance to meet him again.

All in all, I am so happy that my ji muis are as excited as they are. As for me, the battle still continues as I carry on searching for the perfect bridal shop. One that has great gowns (my size of course) and great photography concepts. And of course one that is within out budget! But most importantly, one that offers good service and a pleasant experience. So far, I have seen Love Vision, Red Bliss, De Casamia, Lasposa & Aspial. My preference in terms of gowns is Lasposa, but in terms of photography concept it would be Red Bliss and Aspial. Still have yet to decide, hopefully I could just pick one and move on to other parts of my wedding planning.

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jenkqh said...

pooh pooh!!
i think i can become the lead...though i still rather be the photographer!!!
at least i've been like ji mui for twice. plus urs 3. dun even noe if i shld be ji mui so many times anot!!!! hahahaha!
games alot of ideas. haha! tell you soon enuf! <3

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