Friday, March 19, 2010

.: My Dream Wedding :.

Well, as I have mentioned somewhere before, I have never dreamt of my wedding before, but after much research, I realize that I would actually love to have a more personal, small ceremony rather than a big bash. But, as negotiation with Daddy-kins and Mummy-kins, we somewhat came to a compromise.

Negotiation is not easy I tell you, especially when you have a Dad who has PBB’s culture in his blood. If you all do not know, the founder of PBB is one very extravagant man. Look at all his Annual Dinners or Birthday celebrations and you would have a rough idea how over-the-top this man can be. Ah, but he’s a bazillionaire, ranked the top 5 richest man in Malaysia, while I am earning peanuts here.

Anyhows, somewhat between tugging and pulling, we manage to find a middle ground for certain things. And for the remaining others, the bargaining and negotiating still continues.

But, really, if I had it MY WAY and ONLY MY WAY, I would love to have a small ceremony in the chapel below, with really close friends and family.

Ah, but a dream shall remain a dream huh? ;)

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Miss FW said...

i agree. im dreaming of having a small garden/beach wedding with small crowd. its simple,casual, fun and romantic :)
i cant coop with much crowd. >_<

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