Sunday, March 14, 2010

.: Quickies :.

1) Decided to be nice to myself lately, so I bought a novel by Sidney Sheldon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark for RM15. Finished reading it in a day. Not too bad, shall find myself looking out books from this author in the public library soon.

2) Went to Bukit Tinggi to pick up Yin. Had one of the best tom-yum steamboat ever (homemade mind you!). Lip-smackingly spicy, just the way I love it! *slurps*

3) Went back to my exercise regime after a long three weeks break. I need not be reminded how much weight I put on. Grrrrrrr.

4) Went for acupuncture for the first time ever. It was cool, considering the fact that I am absolutely terrified of needles. I think I finally got over my fear for pokies-pokies. Yay! *Poke, poke!* :)

5) Surfing for wedding related stuff. Taking it leisurely for the time being, but I know the clock is ticking pretty fast. Then there is the USJ Howse (spelling on purpose) Project coming soon. *screams*

6) Work. Tomorrow. Don't wanna talk about it. *sulks*


nenamoesha said...

oo Sidney Sheldon.. I used to read a lot of his novels :) U shld try Jeffery Deaver.. Thriller, forensics genre :D

Miss FW said...

i love S.sheldon. i got some of d ebooks if u interested to read :)

Kathlynn said...

oh, tat will be great feon. pls do share!~ :)

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