Friday, March 12, 2010

.: Don't Wake Me Up For Anything, Except.... :.

It is always difficult for me to get up early in the morning. It has been this way ever since as far as I can remember.

Even during primary school days, I remember that I would be rudely awaken by the alarm clock, went downstairs, open the fridge, sit in front of it, and fall asleep. Until my mom sees me, and rudely awaken me from my power nap (that’s what I like it to be known – power nap) only to continue dozing off in the bus all the way to school.

The same it is for me now, minus (of course) the fridge-power-nap. And since I drive to work, I can’t be dozing off while driving can I?

But it’s always a difficult task for me to wake up even until now. As light a sleeper as I am, I do wake up at the buzz or vibration of my handphone, which I so strategically place right next to me,I will then automatically switch if off, and take go back into slumber until the snooze alarm goes off.

Usually I will wake up after the second snooze, but sometimes, I am just so lazy that I go back to sleep until it’s really, really late and I will rush about like the White Rabbit (which reminds me, I wanna watch Alice In Wonderland – anyone wanna be my date?).

Well you would think that someone like me, who finds it such an uphill task to wake up in the morning, will spend the weekend in bed til noontime, no? Sadly, that’s not the case, as I somehow seem to wake up at 8am – 9am on weekends. And I usually can’t get back to sleep. Weird, but I am sure you may have noticed that I am weird after reading the first few sentences of this post (albeit my morning power-naps).

Anyways, reason why I am ranting all bout sleep is that I feel a need to take some shut eye now, as I have always felt when I am at work (dear work, it's really not me, just you). But somehow, I still find myself fully awake and energized to make the avatar of Kevin or Tammie plunge my clogged toilet in Restaurant City at 2am in the morning.

Now why is that so?

Ya, I know. Humor me!

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