Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.: XoXo Bridezilla :.

I have been busy lately with the preparation of my weddings, single-handedly, with no help from my bridesmaid-to-be, whatsoever.

I am seriously considering replacing them, since both them have not been of any help. And if they plead ignorant to their duties, here are links to note such duties, Duties of a Bridesmaid or Bridesmaid Duties, just to name a few. I love the quote of one website that says "Being a great bridesmaid, its not about just looking pretty." *laughs*

Anyhows, I am still managing fine at this stage, with only one explosion (but I blame it on a combination of lack of sugar, lack of sleep & PMS).

Anyways, here are my updates since the last recap posted a month ago

1) Church venue – St Mary’s Cathedral

2) Dinner venue – Oriental Banquet, Section 19

3) Wedding band – got a simple, matchin white gold band for the both of us

4) Pre wedding photographs – manage to visit three bridal shop around SS2 which came in highly recommended by our friends and family (Love Vision, De Casamia & Red Bliss). So far we have selected our preference, which is one within our budget, photography concept also to our liking. But I am still hesitant to sign up just yet, until I visit another bridal shop, just to be extra sure. Once I am sure of which bridal shop I would like, I am gonna bring my mummy along to do to do the bargaining (to ensure that I get the best price and package)

And now that the vital things are off the way, I am gonna take care of the finer details such as:

1) Theme – yes, I know, it should be the main detail I should take care off, but after much consideration, I realize that it is gonna be tough for me to stick with a theme, because then, it is gonna be very rigid, so I rather stick to a simple, themeless wedding. But not to worry, it’s not gonna be all jumble up and all. I am not gonna have a clown at one corner and jazz music playing on another corner and have a beach-theme reception table. It will all gel off nicely, just themeless. I do hope I am right with my gut feeling that a theme is not necessary, if not………

2) Florist – Well, our initial plan was to get a church member who does flower arrangement as a hobby to help us out with the flower d├ęcor, but we just found out that she would be tied down on that week. Hence, we are back to square one. Will appreciate if anyone with a florist contact to help me out on this! Thank you! :)

3) Musician – Currently, we have already gotten Enoch Lau, JC’s ex-church friend, to be our pianist. Other than that, the plan is still fluid as we are still deciding if we should need a guitarist/bassist and/or a drummer. According to JC, Enoch is a great and talented pianist, and havin jus him is actually quite sufficient already. But anyways, I will see how it goes, if there is then there is, if there is not, then Enoch will go solo. And ya, I am still waiting for Bridget to agree to be our violinist for our wedding march (send her a YouTube link about a few days ago and she still hasn’t say yes *hint*hint*)

4) Photographer – Well, we would need a photographer on our actual wedding day. I have gotten quotation from a couple of freelance photographer including the very famous Andy Lim, but their quotations are way off budget, ranging from RM3k-RM6k (which incidentally is more expensive that my bridal shop package – which includes pre-wedding photographs in albums, rental of gowns, etc). So I am still trying to get a lower range photographer, but of course someone with experience and a good portfolio. Afterall, there are no second takes on your wedding day right? Or is there? Hmmmmm…

5) Caterer (for Church) – Well for one, the caterer we are selecting has to be Halal for our Muslim friends. I was thinking of getting the caterer of our AGMs, which everyone claims that the food is nice and the price is reasonable. I will most likely be serving finger food (sorry guys if you were expected roast lamb and such), so it will most likely be cupcakes, cakes, sandwiches, tarts, etc.

Ok, the photographer, caterer and florist would be a handful for now.

Oh and before that, I need some suggestion for the groom’s chut mun games. Yes I know it’s usually the ji mui that plans all this, but as mentioned earlier, my two lazy bum bridesmaid is not helping AND more importantly, I want to have control of everything! So the games suggested has definitely gotta be filtered by me! Not fair I know, but that doesn’t mean I don’t allow you guys to torture JC and his heng tais. It’s just that I wanna make sure that it doesn’t go overboard – like being too lewd and untactful, that’s all!

Till then, TTFN!



xiaoyun said...

hey hey shan...

as for photographer i got one to recommend le..... fid fathir. I knew him during civp program. His photos are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

you can check it out at
got his contact there. you can mention my name, sharlene from civp last time.

jenkqh said...

hie dear! i know some photographers from world of feng shui! he's quite good. not sure if he do weddings for a living though.
but think he would have contacts.
can go view his blog:

Kathlynn said...

thank you guys so much! *muax*muax* I will check them out soon! :)

ev said...

Hi, I came across your blog when I was looking for a nyonya laksa recipe. Noticed that you're looking for a photographer for your wedding and I know of a friend who does freelance photography. I know this is coming from a total stranger but if you like, you can check out his website:

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