Monday, May 16, 2011

.: Name Change :.

On Sunday morning was at the entrance to our church, Jannessa greated me with the biggest grin ever.

“Jie-jie, jie-jie, I have a surprise for you!” she exclaimed in excitement, jumping up and down like a lil monkey.

Her other two sisters came, greeted & hugged me and both were also shouting that they have a surprise for me.

Being the skeptical person that I am, I asked “Okayyy…. is it a good surprise or a bad surprise?”

Jannessa, who was still grinning, looked to her dad for a reply. Her dad, Uncle Jimmy Chan, replied “Well, depends on your mood.”

“Uh oh” I said cautiously, with Jannessa, Jovita and Judith giggling away.

Jannessa quickly jumped to me with the church bulletin and pointed out to the back. Immediately, I knew what it was.

Previously Church Secretary: Ms. Siew have been “upgraded” to Mrs. Chan.

I jokingly (well at least partially joking & partially serious) moaned in displeasure and wanted to start an activist protest immediately. I asked Uncle Jimmy Wong if he would support me as if I go around getting signature to protest against this change of name (without my permission at that!). I only end up with a serious lecture about how in his days, it’s a norm for married ladies to change their name. In fact, he told of a story of his school teacher who corrected her students from calling her Ms.So-and-so and insisted them calling her Mrs.So-and-so. Looks like I’m not gonna get a vote there am I?

After much asking around, it seems that a lot share the same sentiment with Uncle Jimmy. Looks like if I were to pursuit this matter, I am on my own!

Btw, read this article this morning on Yahoo, about the name changing dilemma modern women face. And even the impact it has on their career progression!

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