Sunday, October 4, 2009

.: Goodbye, Hello Kitty! :.

Was feeling a lil bit blue yesterday.

JC came all the way to cheer me up.

We had a mini picnic, at our nearby playground, of packed dinner, a slice of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgance, a bottle of Ice Cream Soda and some mooncakes from my house.

We lit my Hello Kitty lantern, which will be used for the last time this year as I accidentally set it on fire. It was an accident. Really!

Say bye-bye Hello Kitty. *a short moment to pause and mourn*

Anyways, he really made my day yesterday. We sat, ate, lit candles and talked about mindless lil things that doesn't make very much sense. But it doesn't matter. Coz it made me happy. It doesn't take much (in fact it only cost him below RM10) to make me happy, but I sincerely appreciate the effort taken.

It's just these very short and brief moments that I get to take a short gasp of childhood air before I drown again into being an adult.

So thank you again JC! :)


kenwooi said...

lol.. normal la..
i dont know how many lanterns i destroyed edy.. =P

Yin Fung said...

euuuuuu hello kitty murderer!!!

eh nvm. hello kitty deserves it. its ugly. buy pooh oi...

nenamoesha said...

aww so sweet of JC.. bless him.. Kd set his lantern on fire within mins followed by ks lol

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Kathlynn said...

Ken - ur a destroyer! hehe

Yin - yes, yes! i am a murderer! *evil laugh*

buzz - gosh. ur kids playin with fire? dangerous!

bridgeT said...

playing with candles are so much fun-ner. (: sad can't play at my place or else i'll spend the next day scrapping the....wherever the candles are lit.

nenamoesha said...

we were letting them hold the lanterns and kd accidentally put it down on its side.. so 1 side got burnt hehe.. Ks wanted to put it down but the string caught fire :p So there goes their lanterns

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