Wednesday, October 7, 2009

.: What Happens During The Late Nights :.

I found out about David Letterman’s alleged sextortion when I was tuning into The Late Night Show with David Letterman NTV7 on Monday night.

The show started off as usual, he was shooting a few jokes here and there. Then, he was sitting down behind his desk and went on to confess of what happened. After the first few sentences of saying how he found a few blackmail letter at 6am, threatening to reveal the “bad stuff” that he did, I was like – ok, where’s the punch line? And then he went on and on about how this guy was blackmailing him of $ 2 million dollars; and I was still like – ok, where’s the punch line? And then went about telling that he made a police report and how they arrested this guy; and it suddenly hit me that it isn’t a joke he was telling, but of what really happened to him.

He then confessed that the “bad stuff” was of him having sexual relationship with women at work. Woman or women, I honestly can’t recall.

Anyways, he is kinda in an uncomfortable predicament; being married and all. And I am still not sure if he had those affairs before or after he was married to his long-time girlfriend; who is a mother of their 6 year old child.

But I got to admire his guts for confessing and subsequently apologizing to various parties for his sex scandals.

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nenamoesha said...

3 of his female staffers have come out and confessed bout the affairs. The guy who blackmailed him was one of the women's ex-bf. He found out bout everythg thru her diary which she left behind when she moved out.. So DL is in hot soup and his wife is really hurt by all these.. :(

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