Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.: BeaniPet :.

I was just reading the facebook profile of my ex-schoolmate when I stumbled upon her blog. And to my utmost surprise and delight, she is selling these in her blog! Aren't they uber cute?

And she does it as a hobby, and design them according to her own idea and concept. And she sews them! Such a talented and brilliant genius! *green with envy*

So if you are ever running out of the ideas on what to give mom on Mother's Day, or to your significant others on V-Day or even as an engagement or wedding gift, instead of the common teddy off the shelf, you could have your own customised pillows!

And guess what….. the designer does not do repetitive design, so you can rest assured that your customised pillow is uniquely one in the world! Just another way of telling your special one how SPECIAL he/she is to you! :)

It's just a few simple steps of customising your order. First, decide if you want a single pillow or a couple pillow. Secondly, tell the owner what kinda animal you have in mind. Then, pick your cloth (or trust the designer to pick one out for you *I would definitely do this as I have no creative genes whatsoever*) and also inform her if you have any special lil extras (like ribbons, bells, tie, etc). And lastly, wait patiently for your cute pillow to be delivered to you right to your doorstep (nominal postage charges applies).

A single pillow would typically cost about RM 75 onwards and a couple pillow would be RM 160 onwards, but this all depends on the different cloth used and of course if you have special customisation or requested for those lil extras.

Jun Mei (the designer) has been interviewed by a couple of magazines/newspapers, including KLUE and KOSMO! , not to mention blog reviews such as Shopping Critique, Fashion Republic, Shopping Bible, Shopaholic's Den…you get my drift…..

Interested? Well you can visit her blog here! :)
And below, her masterpieces! :)

Psttt.... she is selling these bags too for only RM 55 each! :)


Independent Queen said...

holy cute!

Tammie said...


please? pretty please? pretty please?
pretty please? pretty please? pretty please? pretty please? pretty please? pretty please? pretty please?


Kathlynn said...

tammie. it would take time to make it you know.... and *cough3rdcoughaug* may be too rush for her! :)

Tammie said...

aww.. HAHA

Adele said...

Awww, they're so adorable and cuddly :)

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