Thursday, July 9, 2009

.: Guess Who's Back - With the Same ol' Nag :.

Mom's back!

Prepare myself for the naggings to come - on the uncleaned house, unswept porch and unwashed laundry. Yes, I am a utterly and hopelessly undomesticated (this just sound wrong).

Well, at least I kept her kitchen neat and tidy - just as it was before she left.


Or the nagging list has one more item to add.

No more cooking and baking for me. Well, at least I have enjoyed it while it lasted….


Yin Fung said...

i tot its eminem. chehh~

Tammie said...

ahaha i heard my dad talking about it.

Kathlynn said...

Yin : My mom v Eminem. What is the resemblance I wonder?

Tammie : You mean your dad talkin bout my mom naggin me? :)

Tammie said...

no i mean my dad talking about ur mom coming back.

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