Wednesday, July 8, 2009

.: King of Fruits :.

Ok, so I thought the Durian Egg Tarts from Tuan Yuan would have satisfied my cravings for the King Of Fruits, and it did a pretty good job……until today!

A customer (or someone) gave the whole finance department a delightful treat this morning.

It consist of fruits with fresh cream wrapped in a popiah-like wrap. It had (individually wrapped) jackfruits (nangka), mango (mangga) and of course durian (durian)!

Why am I translating each fruits to BM, I have absolutely no idea, but perhaps it because I am still high from consuming this lovely durian!~

Oh, I had two pieces *rub hands with glee*


p/s : I wish I knew where these durian-rolls (it shall be now known as this till I get it's official name) came from. No clue whatsoever. Comes in a transparent plastic container. Someone please let me know!

Updates :

I was hardworking enough to Google this up after Su highlights to me that this is the durian pancake she was talking about in Ikano (opposite Bread Story).

Well, when she said pancake, I thought it was like those conventional flat, round type. But I guess I should start thinking outside the box? Blame my squareness from being an accountant.

Anyways, the pics here below are taken from Malaysian Food Guide. According to the blog, it's a Vietnamese restaurant located in Uptown PJ - named Du Viet (it's own by one of Dinah's relative if my memory serves me well).

Gosh, I am now just staring at the picture and drooling all the way. If you want to grab some of these - head down to Uptown DJ (same row with HSBC) or you could try the one in Ikano (according to Su it's RM 10 for 6 pieces) or you could have it in a place call Honeymoon in One Utama (but slightly pricier according to reliable source *wink*)

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