Saturday, July 11, 2009

.: Obsessed :.

So I finally step foot into Golden Screen Cinema at Tropicana Mall today. Well, aside from the fact that it's just a stone throw away from my house (JC and I walked there today - to avoid the jam, finding a carpark & saved on RM 2 on carpark) what's there not to love of the new cinema. The smell of new seats and new carpets - ahh... almost the same high you get from the smell of fresh laundry or the first night in bed with fresh, new sheets (which reminds me, it's bout time I change my sheets *wink* )

Anyways, we decided to watch Obsessed (the bf wanted Ice Age 3, while I insisted on Drag Me To Hell, so a compromise was made by both parties).

What was the show about? In short, it's about a some psycho temporary girl Lisa, stalking her successful boss Derek, who is already happily married to Sharon. And it's not the I-have-a-highschool-crush-on-you kinda stalking, mind you.

How was the movie? Well, it's not something I would recommend anyone to watch. It's the second movie I saw Beyonce Knowles (playing Sharon) on screen - the first was Dreamgirls; and I have to say that I prefer her in the former role, perhaps a tinge of biasness, coz I enjoy watching musicals. I didn't really enjoy the movie plot, it was like it was scrambling for a identity. I actually had to cringe at one part where there was a catfight scene between Sharon and Lisa. Gosh, it was like something you would see in WWE or from a B-rated movie plot. Seriously!

I slightly regretted that I didn't give in to JC and watch Ice Age 3 instead, for I would think that I would have enjoyed it more (but then again, Ice Age 3 may not be that enjoyable).

From the rate of one to ten rotten tomatoes (1 being ok, but I am not gonna watch it twice to 10 being really, really bad), I would give this movie 6 rotten tomatoes.

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