Friday, July 31, 2009

.: Dating An Auditor - My Story :.

It isn't easy when you are dating an auditor.

Work life-balance as an auditor, especially when you are attached to multinational jobs is minimal, almost immaterial, if there was even one exist to begin with. The jobs sometimes requires you to work during weekends, on top of your 90 hours week (which should officially be 40 hours week as stipulated in the employment contract).

And there are times where appointed dates have to be postponed because your manager or partner decides at his or her own convenient time (usually in the evening) to review to working papers, forsaking the convenient of others. There are times when such incidents falls on the more important dates - like anniversaries or birthdays. It's really, really frustrating to have the one I love say "I am sorry, but my work is more important". Well, it didn't exactly came out of your mouth that way, but that was all I hear.

The only time you get to talk is on the handphone ; in the morning on the way to work, a couple of stolen minutes during lunch and on your way back from work. Quality couple times are usually restricted to weekends, but then again, as stated earlier, it depends if you actually needs to WORK on those days too.

Then there is the compulsory need to study for a professional paper - which is challenging by itself. With balancing work and the pursuit of this professional qualification, you barely have any time for yourself or your family - yet alone me. It's not easy, I have to have the patience of a saint to endure this lack of quality time, often that not resulting in the perceived lack of affection.

But it's funny, that you can use this audit knowledge to your advantage. Like when you wanted to send me flowers to my office - and didn't know which floor I was, instead of asking around, like any normal guy would do (Ching, a friend, asked me to get May's office address for him, coz he wanted to surprise her with flowers too) - you go to Bursa, download my company's Annual Report and got the registered address from there.

How unconventionally romantic of you! :)

His side of the story - to be continued……..


Tammie said...

awww.. JC can be so romantic? XD auditors, accountants are funny in a way.

Kathlynn said...

yes, we are uniquely "special" :)

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