Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.: Crazy Cravings :.

I was really hyped up over the plan to eat as much durian as you can in SS2 last Sunday. It was suppose to be a father and daughter's day out (my mom wasn't interested as she was down with sore throat after her trip to UK).

I woke up that Sunday morning with a sore throat and flu-ish like symptoms. So I had no choice well actually I did have a choice; postpone the durian frenzy til my throat's better or to go ahead with the plan and feast with an almost guaranteed worsen sore throat. Being the responsible girl that I am *cough* and knowing that I have tonnes of work waiting for me, I made the responsible decision to stay away til I am better.

But yesterday was like the worse I-crave-but-can't-have moment for me. I was craving durian since morning. Thinking bout it during lunch (and it doesn't help that this blog has the picture of the lovely durian pancakes that just brought me back to the moment where I had it melting in my mouth). Thought bout it on the way to JC's place. Craved for it during dinner. Carved for it after dinner.

I know, I know - I sound like this overly pregnant woman, having the weirdest crave at the oddest time, but you can't say that you didn't see it coming. The craving I mean, not the pregnancy. I am not pregnant! (Better disclaim this before Tammie goes all crazy from misinterpreting that sentence. Blame it for her being a lefty and only see the whole picture and not breaking it down into bits an analysing them!)

And so there I was driving home, on the handsfree phone with JC (didn't I already mentioned that I am the responsible one? Safe driving!) whining bout how much I crave for durians, how I wanted to just stop at some shops and buy them.

Then at one point I jokingly asked JC "If I prayed hard enough, do you think there will be durians waiting for me at home?"

To which he replied "You can try, but remember, selfish prayer don't work!"

So then I arrived home. When I walked down my driveway, I was actually disappointed that I couldn't smell any durian smell. I guess a part of me was really hoping that there was durian waiting for me at home.

Moment later, I called JC, nearly shouting like a mad woman on the phone "CAN YOU SMELL IT! HAHAHA!"

Yes, there was really durian waiting for me at home afterall. When I open the door and got a whiff of that heavenly smell (JC begs to differ - he hates the durian smell, so un-Malaysian lah!).

I ran to the kitchen, open the fridge, took out this tupperware and I pry open the tupperware as if I was opening a treasure chest, and inside it, laid 7 golden durians pieces. Awwwww…..

And now, in that lil treasure chest, 4 golden durians pieces left! *wink*

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