Saturday, July 25, 2009

.: Teaser :.

Teaser post @ 9.15am

A lil clue to what I will be cooking tonight....
Pic credited to

Updated @ 2.47pm

And the Malaccan girl (Tammie) got it right - it's Jonker 88, a food shop located along Jonker Street :)

Now if you could guess what I am going to cook? *wink*

--hours before--

I went to the market this morning.

No, not this kinda market.

It's this kinda market!

My mom usually goes to the Seksyen 17 market, so I tagged along today. And it has really been a while since I went marketing with my mom, so when the chicken seller and the pork seller saw me, they were like (in Hokkien) "Wah, tuah han liao lo lu gei char boh kia!" which translate to "Wah, your daughter has really grown up!". And they reminised bout the days where my brother and I would follow my mom to the market. It used to be a weekly family affair, my dad driving all of us, while we are still half awake, in our pajamies. Then he would drop my mom, while looking for parking space, then we would head straight to.....

.... the coffee shop - while my mom does the shopping! *lol*

That's the reason why I wake up so early every Sunday! *wink*

I remember I loved (still love) roti canai. And my dad used to order a piece for me. And as I was still small at that time, my dad would patiently use the fork and spoon to tear my roti canai into small bits. Just for me!

It's amazing how this lil memories just stick to you - and you realised how loved you are! :)

Further update in the next post!

Till now, have a great weekend!


p/s : updated pic of my brownies here! :)


Tammie said... this one of the shop in Jonker?

Kathlynn said...

very smart! so... what do you think i will be cookin? *wink* :)

Anonymous said...

You are cooking a nyonya(ur mom?)???


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