Monday, June 22, 2009

.: Jet Lag :.

Gosh. Am seriously suffering from jet lag.

After touchdown at bout 5.30 pm at KLIA (read : 3 hours delay on my transit flight from Dubai to KLIA), I had a light dinner (of JC's grandma's ham yoke chung), went home, bath and went straight to bed at 8pm.

I woke up at 4.30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.

So I went online, surf from some good brownie recipes, got the ingredients ready and while waiting for the butter to defrost.....decided to take a nap. This was about 8am. I only woke up at 5pm after.

Chocolate Brownie with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. The oven mitten as a backdrop is to hide the mess I made to the kitchen! >.<

I made my Chocolate Brownies (using Fiona's recipe) - with some slight modification. I halved the recipe, replaced the 250 grams of sugar with 70 grams of brown sugar & 100 grams of white sugar i.e. totally to 170 grams, which is 80 grams less than the original recipe. I also added a pinch of salt and a dash of vanilla essence.

And because I could not find a baking tray of the appropriate size, I used two small trays instead.

In 25 mins, the brownie was done. I took it out from the oven, tried to flip the first one over.....

......and then its just *kaa daa boop* crumbles.

It came out in pieces all crumble out, I was like stoned for a while, wondering what to do with it. While flipping over the second tray, I was hoping it came out ok - which it did.

I took the crumbled one and tasted it. And tho I love the texture - moist yet chewy, I did not like that it was still too sweet!

Anyways, I texted Benedict and asked him if he would like crumbled chocolate brownie and he said he doesn't mind, so I headed to his place (with vanilla ice cream too).

At his place, he & his dad (Uncle Freddy) was trying to assemble an IKEA double decker bed - without a manual. It took a lot of trials and errors to get it right. And when I said trials and errors it means 1.5 hours! But it was cool at the end to get it all done, and with all the lifting of steel bars (which are heavy mind you), I didn't feel so guilty having Bridget's apple crumble with Oreo crust - how lovely is that! :)

Went to send over hand over some stuff nearby and headed back home. Jumped into bed and.....

......realise that I couldn't sleep!

Read Red Dragon (sequal to Hannibal) which was better than Hannibal Rising. And it was 6.30am when I felt hungry (mind you, the last substantial thing I ate was ham yoke chung). So I drove out to get a packet of nasi lemak!
And here I am in office now, half groggy as I attempt the best I could to reply to emails and tidy up my Consol Reporting Pack.
Ah - 5 more hours til 6pm!
And yes, I am going to perfect my Chocolate Brownies - less sugar, more love! :)

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