Saturday, June 27, 2009

.: Stuffed Chicken Breast :.

This look absolutely yummy no? It's Racheal Ray's Stuffed Chicken Breast. Looks simple to cook, with really fuss free ingredients - maybe I will make some for tonight's dinner. I may jazz it up a lil with some chopped onions for a crunchy texture and some chili for a hint of spiciness.

Click for recipe - here

Updates : I made this today for dinner, with slight modification. It tasted good, can be better in the presentation part tho, coz the stuffin was overspilling and the streak bacon that was wrapping the chicken got detached (or should I say, it was never firmly attached to begin with). And yeah, I seared it shortly first before putting it into the grill. It's better that way, and the amount of fats oozing out - yikes! How much fats can four pieces of chicken have? You'd be surprise! (or was it me being really ignorant?)

Anyways, there's always room for improvement. Will make a better stuffed chicken next time round.

Till then, signing out! :)

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