Wednesday, June 3, 2009

.: Cannibal :.

Ever wonder what does human meat taste like?

Just like chicken?

Well, if you wanna know, there's this place in Bangkok, a lil town named Ratchaburi, located about 80 km on the bank of Mae Klong River, that has this hanging at a shop:

And it taste just like......


Kittiwat Unarom, 28, a Thai art student is the son of a bakery owner, craves real human-like body parts (head, hands, intestine, etc) from bread. It took him approximately 6 months to create this edible art , with a Buddhism concept of "do not believe of what you see".

The thought of eating these, even if it's just bread, makes you feel kinda sick doesn't it? Well, I know I do.

This was back in 2005. Am not sure if the shop is still there or if he is selling his artwork or anything. Anyone who knows, drop me a note to lemme know.

Just curious, that's all :)

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i *heart* flipflops said...

I remember reading about this news somewhere.....

*squints eyes to remember*

nothing. Can't recall where.


bring me? pls? plz? pretty pls???

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