Wednesday, June 3, 2009

.: Week 3 @ Nuffnang :.

Week 3 and my nuffnang account shows :

Earnings Available : RM 18 (RM 32 before you get paid!)

Thanks to those who have clicked! Keep on clickin! :)

Btw, IKEA is havin a competition "Go Clean Your Room Contest" (you may see the banner occasionally poppin up at the top or left hand side corner, so go n click it ya!).

P/s : Yin, left is here (<--) la, this (-->) is right!

Reward goes to the messiest room. Now if my mom starts complaining that my room is in a mess, I would jus tell her that I'm entering a competition that could potentially win me some RM 15,000 IKEA shopping vouchers!

So there is a reward bein lazy afterall? *wink*wink*


i *heart* flipflops said...

my money is not increasing!

how come????

i helped u clicked leh.... >.<
but i didn't get any clicks..?

maybe something's wrong with my ads.
can u see my header adds?

Kathlynn said...

tammie,i can't see ur adverts. in fact, i havent seen any for a week. i told yin that a few days ago, she said it mite b bcoz u mispaste ur code or somethin. can ask her to help u repaste ur code.

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