Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.: Top Ten Donald Trump Financial Tips :.

I loved watching David Letterman's Late Night Show while it was still airing at NTV 7 (I am not sure if it is still, but I haven't watched it for a very, very long time). While looking at the top ten list archive, this one looks quite funny - tho there's nothing like watchin it on TV.

But here goes, the Top Ten Donald Trump Financial Tips:

Number 10 : Only buy things that are essential, like golf courses and beauty pageants

Number 9 : When nobody's watching, I go into the 7-11 and stick my head under a soda nozzle

Number 8 : Save money by styling your own hair

Number 7 : Sell North Dakota to the Chinese

Number 6 : Double your money at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, home of the loosest slots in Atlantic City

Number 5 : Panic

Number 4 : For tip number 4, simply send me $29.95

Number 3 : If all else fails, steal someone's identity

Number 2: We're screwed

And the number 1 financial tips from Donald Trump to the fastest way to get rich: marry and divorce me.

1 comment:

syikin said...

hahaha... dat was a good one! marry n divorce me?!

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