Friday, June 5, 2009

.: Blessed Birthday Ben! :.

Blessed Birthday to my baby bro, Ben!

He is turning 22 today! :)

Will be seeing him in a day, as me and my mom will be flying off to the UK tonight!

After reading the stories of the four passengers who missed Air France Flight 447, can't help but feel a sense of eerieness creeping on my skin. But I know the good Lord will be protecting us, and if it's His plans that I go now (or anytime for that matter), I know FOR SURE that I will be in a better place - heaven! :)

Fret not my faithful blog readers, for tho I am gone for two weeks, I have in line a few interesting posts, scheduled to be posted ONE each day. You read me right! ONE each day! :)
And if I have the time, I would be updating my blog there too!~

P/s : I think having nuffnang adverts have motivated me to blog more regularly. Teehee.


Ser Ley said...

Have a good trip!
And how did u end up getting an advert anyway? =p

Kathlynn said...

Ser, thats coz I signed up for nuffnang :)

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