Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.: H1N1 @ Urbanscapes? :.

So what is this I hear about A(H1N1) at KLue Urbanscapes? Click here! And for the KLue Twitter site, click here!

Apparently someone who has attended this event may have H1N1.

It may be a false alarm, but in this kind of situation - it's better to be safe that sorry!

So anyone who has attended KLue Urbanscapes on the 27th of June should go for a check, especially if they are having flu-like symptoms.....

The extract below is from :

Urbanscapes H1N1 updates
30 June 2009 3:40PM by Freeform Team

To the Urbanscapes community, Freeform as a responsible festival organiser, would like to update you with some info on the Urbanscapes H1N1 scare that is making the rounds. These are the actual facts that we are aware of at this point in time:

There has been one confirmed case of an individual who was at the festival who is down with H1N1, while another three individuals from the same group of friends, is undergoing another round of tests. We want to stress that this group of individuals hung out together throughout the weekend from Friday evening onwards. At this juncture, we are not aware of any other cases beyond this group of individuals. Most of the updates we have received so far from those who have gone to get tested have turned up negative.

But as a precaution and also as responsible members of the community, we recommend you go for a check-up as soon as possible if you are displaying symptoms. If you are feeling unwell, please stay clear of public spaces and practice a self-imposed quarantine for the benefit of your family and friends. We would also like to stress that being on quarantine does NOT mean you are infected, but you are merely being a responsible citizen by taking the right precautions to prevent spreading any infections.

We will continue to update everyone via as we get more information coming in. To also keep anxiety at bay and keep everyone from being unduly worried, we would appreciate any updates from those who gone for tests so that we can share the info with all.

Here are some links for more info on H1N1:

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