Thursday, June 4, 2009

.: On9 Shopping - OMP :.

After 3 weeks of total cold turkey from blogshopping (tho I still window blogshop), I finally gave in to temptation.

On of my favourite blogshop, Our Mutual Passion, was having a massive clearance sales. So how could I actually resist? It's like dangling a bottle of ice cold water in front of someone who has been in the Sahara for weeks. Ok, not that dramatic, but shopaholics out there, you know how I feel right?

Anyways, I bought myself this black satin vest that I've been eyeing for a long, long time....

And this gorgeous pink top (can you believe it includes the clincher too!)

And guess how much I paid for that two items?

Clue : It starts with a 3 and ends with a 3 *wink*wink*

I only paid RM 33! Omigosh! Like a total bargain, no!

And I absolutely love the blogshop owner, Mechell. She's an absolute darling and sweetheart! Makes my online shopping hassle-free and so enjoyable! :)

I was suppose to have a look at this English Rose maxi dress when I COD-ed at her place today. But as I was in office til quite late at night and have not had my dinner yet (or lunch for that matter), so I decided it was too late to take a look at it.

Anyways, I shall see if it's still available when I come back from UK. Tho I highly doubt that a total steal like this would be available for so long.

Anyways, the maxi below comes in 4 different colours, and is absolutely suitable for those above 160cm.

Price : RM 40 (after discount) plus an additional RM5 off if you pay on the same day. More details of this lovely dress - click here.

No, I am not getting any commission for promoting this blogshop.

Just thought that if there is something good, it's better for it to be shared to everyone right? Except my life partner ok, so don't you get any wild ideas now! :)


Ser Ley said...

OMG, this is EVIL! The blog shop IS VERY cheap and nice!!! (*cries)

DUN EVER TELL ME how to actually shop and pay for stuff there!!! Cause once i start earning money i'll spend spend spend cause i think it's cheap cheap cheap! On things that I otherwise would not have bought!! :p

Must resist going back to the site... and must not learn how to shop online...

Kathlynn said...

Ser Ley...once u start earnin $, convert it back to RM (i.e. divide it by 3) and its WAY WAY WAY cheaper :)

Trust the accountent to get a good bargain! :)

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