Saturday, June 27, 2009

.: The Stupid Lil Things I Do :.

Spot the Blue Hippo!

Ok, so now that I have successfully entered to this contest, lemme rant to you a lil about the long and winding journey it took me!

Now, one would think that it should be easy right?

Just take a picture on my camera phone, send in this via MMS and voila, it's done. Yeah, technically is should be that simple.

But knowing Kathlynn, the same Kathlynn that has absolutely blonde moments in anything technology related (read Techno Smackno) and you could imagine (and you should be using you WILDEST imagination at this!) how she could make what may seem a simple job becomes a daunting task!

First things first, I have not ever activated my MMS function on my phone. (Yes, I am that backward, sue me!)

So, I just need to activate this right? I mean like how difficult could this be with a step-by-step guide on DiGi's website. Even a grandmother could do it! And so I thought. I followed the instruction, save the settings in my phone, and tried sending the picture out. Sending failed. Tried again, sending failed. FINE! Tested sending to Yin's number sending failed! Damn!

Called DiGi Helpline

Call #1 : Found out from the Helpline that I actually need to switch off my handphone a few minutes after saving the setting on my phone! The guy resent the setting for me to resave.

Fine, so I resave and then I switch off and switch back on. Send an MMS, sending failed!

So I made another call to DiGi the next day

Call # 2 : Found out that since I am using Nokia N70, I need to install all the functions. The previous instruction sent to me was wrong. *sweat*

Fine, I resave the new one. Reset. And send another MMS. You've guessed it - sending failed! Made another call immediately after that.

Call # 3 : Explain to the person on the other line the steps I took. She said all was right, so the only problem could possible be that my phone wasn't configured correctly and the only solution was to take it back to the phone dealer and reconfigure it!

Should have told me earlier so I wouldn't have wasted my time trying and trying to send. If you read above, bear in mind that I've tried multiple times, not once in period between calls.

Fine, so I decided to send it via DiGi Online - which gives each customer free 3 SMS & 3 MMS (per month I think?).

Ok, so how was I to upload the pictures from my hp to my PC when I have no cable (read Techno Smackno to understand why I couldn't do anything)?

Ok. So this is what I did.

Disclaimer : Don't laugh at my stupidity!

I Bluetooth to Colleague A ,whom which Colleague B had to teach her how to switch on her Bluetooth (looks like I am not the only techno unsavvy one) , who uploaded to my PC using Colleague C's cable.

And then I had to re-confirm with my friend if my MMS is sent out as the status on DiGi's website is "sending" (it still is btw. I mean like there is a difference between sending and sent!)

And so, this was what happened to me. All for the sake of entering this competition. I hope it was all worth it - at least let me win something! *pleads with puppy eyes*

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