Sunday, June 28, 2009

.: Egg Tarts :.

Now, if you're a true blue Malaysian, it is not necessary for me to introduce this delicacy.

The egg tarts (also known as Dan Tart in Cantonese) have been a very popular pastry, especially among the Chinese in Malaysia.

You will never fail to see these pastries being served in your regular dim sum shop or sold in most of the bakeries around town.

The basic ingredients in an egg tart is firstly it's crust made from pastry and it's filling which are eggs beaten until fluffy. And the known secret of a good egg tart lies with this secret ingredient - lard (i.e. pork fats)! Although there's the halal variation of it, which is to use butter or shortening, nothing beats a tart with good ol' lard.

Today, the plain vanilla egg tarts has developed into many variations, which includes the equally popular Portuguese egg tarts, pandan flavoured egg tarts and my personal favourite DURIAN EGG TARTS!

Now that you all know that it's Durian season in Malaysia, and the strength to resist the temptation of indulging in durians* begins to thin off, this lil tarts of delight may be a good alternative to satisfy the durian craving.

*the setback of Ms Kathlynn having durian is that once she start, she doesn't know how she could control herself to stop. And this causes serious health implication - a sexy, deep voice (i.e. sore throat) and possible fever.

The best durian egg tarts I had was from this unassuming lil shop in Tropicana Mall, Tuan Yuan.

The durian flavour in each tart is really strong, the egg fillings are moist and soft, and the pastry just melts in your mouth.'s like I went to heaven and came back again!

The address of this stall is below, but it is generally located the same floor with Carefour, nearby it's exit. And if you do not fancy durian egg tarts that much, there's also other variaty of pastries - regular egg tart, deep fried yam puffs with fillings (wu kok), steamed BBQ pork bun (char siew pau), chicken pie, etc, etc

And... they are having a promotion : buy any 7 pieces for RM 10! :)

Tuan Yuan
LG 33 Tropicana City Mall
Email :
Tel : 03-77288932

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