Sunday, June 21, 2009

.: Chocolate Brownies :.

Anna Olsen's Triple Chocolate Brownie

Fiona's Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

Now these babies look amazing don't they?

I wanna bake some chocolate brownies, and am now frantically searching it over the internet at 5am in the morning. No, I am not a early to rise person, but I a suffering from jet lag. So I was asleep at about 8pm last night and was awake by 4.30am this morning. I am feeling tired. And a lil warm (I was actually having a bad headache and chills prior to departing from Glasgow). Not to worry, I highly doubt it is Swine Flu, but to be safe, I shall take plenty of rest and if not well still, I will check in to the hospital.

Now, wonder if anyone can contribute a tested and tried recipe for amazing Chocolate Brownies? Tho I believe that anything chocolatey is amazing by itself! :)

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