Thursday, June 18, 2009

.: Haggis :.

The Royal McGregor
154 High Street
Royal Mile
0131 255 7064

When you are in Scotland, you must try the traditional Scottish dish - Haggis!

My grandad's godson (does it make him my goduncle?) Justin, who is working as a doctor in Edinburgh, brought us to this lil pub, The Royal McGregor.

Since my bro had had a bad experience with haggis and my mom isn't exactly Miss Adventurous when it comes to food, we decided to order haggis fritters with sweet chili and honey (as starters).

I would say that this haggis fritters are a perfect introduction to this Scottish dish, as not many may find this dish appealing (especially when you know what it's actually made of). To make this post more interesting, I shall not reveal the secret ingredients to y'all. Curious to know? Then you will have to google it yourself :)

I didn't know until I google-ed this later on that the place we ate was in fact one of the most recommended places to have haggis.

I actually enjoyed my haggis very much, has the nutty milky-like texture and the sweet chili sauce compliments nicely with the fritters!

It's great that I had a pleasant first experience with this traditional Scottish dish, eh? (read with a Scottish accent) *wink*


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