Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.: Flower Power II :.

Finally... more pictures of my lovely flowers from my handphone (read Flower Power for the earlier pictures)

(p/s : SJ, no need to loan me your "shirt" anymore *wink* )

A lone rose with a Winnie the Pooh balloon :)

Pink roses with lil daisies (my baby pics mosaic on the right)

Daisies, my fav! :)

Pink roses (Hello Kitty was from McDs when the Hello Kitty craze was on - remember those days?)

Pink daisy :)

Pink roses and a red I LOVE YOU balloon

A pink rose in a nice purple wrapping

And what happens when all these lovely flowers wilted and died?
Well, I have been keepin all the flowers that JC has given to me since, in a big box.....

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