Sunday, July 5, 2009

.: Recipe : Fantastic Roasted Chicken :.

Tryin this out tonight! :)

Updated :

Well the chicken turned out okay! :) I love the subtle lemony zesty taste in the chicken, the stuffing of butter, bacon and herbs is sooo sinfully good. The chicken meat is soft and juicy, but I would prefer the chicken to be slightly more roasted, the skin a lil bit more burned and crispier.

The roast chicken was served alongside with some grilled vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, green pepper and baby sweetcorn), some spicy angel hair oglio oglio and fresh Swiss mushroom soup served with warm dinner rolls.

Oh, and I had cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. Guess where the cookies in the ice cream came from - click here for hint. *wink*

Goes to show that nothing goes to waste in my kitchen, even failed recipes! :)

For the simple recipe of cookies and cream - a handful of crumbled cookies (or if you like, Oreo cookies) and a couple of spoon of soften vanilla ice cream. Mix them together and leave in the freezer for a while, til ice cream hardens. Taste just like McDs McFlurry (even better if I may say so!)

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