Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.: A Social Experiment On Facebook :.

A post on Qian's facebook status caught my attention. It seems fun, so I decided to post it as well. It came back with a few interesting comments, that I find it really amusing and really made me day.

I often wonder what would people would remember me by, and I often had this fear that it is NOT the way I wanted to be remembered. But these comments really made me smile, knowing that even if I drop dead today, people will still remember me for the smallest, funniest things!:)

The facebook post goes :

Try a little social experiment: If you read this, even if we do not speak often, post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you like. Once finished, post this paragraph on your own status and you may be surprised what people will remember you....

The comments I got was from:

Su : Mcds centrepoint =D We laughed too much while stuffing ourselves with fries lol! lol! [ *lol* Absolutely bizarre that we talked and laugh like long lost friends, but in fact, it was the first time we met up after knowing each other for like 2 mths (we met online). Isn't it strange the way friendship can be formed over shopping? ]

Nicole : Colgate audit, u and me listening to ghost stories from auden and getting creeped out, hehe…
[Until I was reminded, I totally forgot bout this incident, where our Audit Senior (now Audit Manager) was creeping us out with his personal encountered with some ghostly thingy at client's place. Don't know if he was pulling our legs or what, but from thereon, we never risk going back so late. *lol*]

Qian : my pooh~~~ =)))) [My Tigger!~ We have shared so much since our secondary school days. One of my closest confidante! :)]

Chin Kang : In front of SMKDJ library. I think that was the only time we ever spoke to each other
[I seriously don't recall this, but I am not surprise, considering I am a librarian and hang out at the library most of the time - as nerd-ish as it may sound, I am NOT a nerd! I was the cool librarian.]

Alvin : That one time you drove me from Sunway to Kelana Jaya LRT using your Kia Picanto at night!!
[Again, I have no recollection of such incident til Alvin pointed out to me! But this comment made me smile coz it obviously meant something to him that he could remember this particular incident!]

Dason : We were in the same class 4-5BATAI.:-)
[Yes, we were! :)]

Kwei Li : walking soooo far....from kelana jaya LRT to DJ... ended up walking like a pregnant woman during yumcha session at nite :P
[Hence, the nickname pregnant lady got stuck ever since. *lol* I didn't walk for Kelana LRT to my house by choice, it was bcoz I couldn't get a cab *lol* But I wasn't as bad as what Su did! Ask her if you want to know how FAR she has walked! :)]

Ting : winnie the pooh and smiles that make your eyes go ^^ [My quiet, soft spoken friend, sitting behind me in class - I guess I will always be remembered as Pooh. Afterall, it has been immortalised in my school yearbook! And my eyes going ^^? Must be because I have small peepers! ^.^]

Yin : Christmas 2007- You and me eating marshmallow fondue. ...also the times when I'm left alone in your room cus you went to work, I re-re-re-read Pooh book of Wisdom and memorise lines such as "what's for b'fast"(<---my fav Pooh line) [Yes, I remember the home made marshmellow & chocolate fondue! It was during Christmas! We had an overdose of chocolate that day!]

RachelT : You and me talking about Judy's future husband 10 years ago. Hahahaha
[*lol* Yes, those were the day! Also remember that we promise to meet up like 10 years later *which is like now* talking bout husbands and babies and stuff. I guess we overestimated, as none of us are married yet *wink*]

Gillian : I remember you talking to me in class.... but what about I can't remember! *lols* [This one I remember, it was during ICAEW class and I was about your lil hoop thingy to hang your plastic bag of hot tea *lol* Creative invention if I may add :) ]

Ann : I remember u as the 1 who's v good in physics and add maths but nvr admits it [I am just mediacore la Ann! Not as keng as others! Honest! :) ]

Ser : definitely in chemistry tuition class. Our agreement to eat pizza together. (i still owe u pizza after 8 yrs) and to donate our blood to mosquitoes in Taman Negara. =p [*lol* when we should be paying attention to Mr Hong instead of making random plans to donate blood and what not! Yes, you still definately owe me a pizza, now that you have reminded me! I am gonna claim it from you one day! *lol* ]

Ben : well.I remember it very vividly.I remeber last time when we were young, me and you alway fight for the remote was like 12 years ago.But now we dun even bother bout it.we merely just give in to those who wants to watch [Not only fight, I think we actually "battled" for it. I think you may have some battle scars to show too eh? *lol* The tooth imprint on our wooden staircase for example? *wink* Those were the days huh? :) ]

Fei : where shud i start? u used to be the girl next door when i was in sena? hmmm....used to be the junior i hated? hangman kaki? mahjong kaki till dun wanna leave my house...can you still remember the characters? oh...not forgetting you freak me out for sejarah PMR with those weird question!! i love best when i gave u a crazy hair do right before puan kok came in. oh..remember the love letter with feather?frequent yumcha and makan tripssssss.....nothing beats singapore adventure and how i make you bring in illegal drugs!.....where shud i stop???? [Fei, fei - a friend whom I have known for almost a decade! So many memories together - the one you have listed, plus the tajau, putting Xiao's bag and it's contents for sale, sharing our BGR problems, lighting up the candles on your birthday cake, etc, etc where do I stop too? *wink* We've really come a long way now haven't we? Everytime I recall the moments we share, I start to grin like an idiot! Hehe! ]

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