Friday, July 24, 2009

.: Gym Class (Heroes) :.

I finally step foot into the gym after a very short *scratch* quite short *scratch, scratch* a couple of weeks *scratchsss* after a month *scratch*ugh* fine fine, after 6 weeks of hiatus. Well, I was in UK for two weeks AND me workload has been absolutely crazy the past few weeks. Not that it's getting any better now, but I thought that if I am already paying RM 150+ a month for my gym membership and not utilise it, it would be an absolute waste.

Left the office at about 7.45pm and manage to arrive just in time for my favourite yoga class with Chin Lai (at Fitness First Uptown). There was only 5 students yesterday (me included) of which 3 of us are the regular ones. Before class we were talking to Chin Lai and guess what? He cooks and bakes! How interesting! After class I was pleading to him to bring some cookies next week for us, to which he playfully poked me with his keys and said no, no, no! Reason being - it's fattening and it defeats the whole purpose of exercising. Well, at least I have tried! :)

My body ache right now, but at least I feel better (in a strange, unexplainable way). I guess exercising has that effect!

Feel like baking this weekend. I have a few cups of flour left, about 200 grams+-, can't do much, so perhaps I will just finish it off by doing some apple crumble as what Bridget suggested!

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