Friday, November 16, 2007

.: T.S.L :.

T.S.L = temporary single life

After getting the news from JC that he is going to Miri for two whole weeks, I felt kinda heavy inside. Exactly one year ago, on this very same job, I flew to Miri - for two weeks. When I returned home, JC told me that I should never leave him that long. Now, one year later, he's going off, leaving me here.

Since we started dated a year and the half ago, we barely spend a day without seeing one another. Prior to me going to Miri, the longest we have been away from each other was three days. I remember him telling me that he missed me so much and how he hugged me and kissed my forehead when I came home from the airport. I remember he bought a cake - to celebrate my birthday.

Now that things have changed, now that we have known each other much longer, seen the best and worst of each other, will all this feelings change?

Will he still miss me the way he did?

Or will he not?

But another question that I should post to myself is - will I miss him the way I did?

Or will I not?

I've realised that as time passes by, the sparks has fizzled. Instead of lovey-dovey-mushy-mishy feelings that I had, now settles and mellows down into i-m-comfortable-with-you mode. Like I can be in a total mess and I don't mind him seeing.

Well, I guess I shouldn't be upset over such petty petty things and enjoy my T.S.L for the time being :)

It's party time! :)

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