Wednesday, November 28, 2007

.: Quarter Life Crisis :.

I think I'm suffering from a quarter-life crisis now.

My birthday is this coming Tuesday (big hint to those who hasn't got me anything yet - please,please don't delay any longer coz it's really really soon *wink* wink *).
I would be turning 22 years old.

And it was this fact that hit me right to my face - I'm not young anymore!

Ok, so I admit that I'm over reacting a lil and being a lil drama queen and all, but all this really means something to me.

First and foremost, I look back at my life. It's true that life is so full of memories. The sweet memories, the bitter ones, of good times and of bad. The things people say, that have changed my life completely, and the things that people do for me, that I will forever cherish. The relationships I had (or still an having) with people, friends that have walked in and out of my life, teachers that have made that extra difference, souls that have touched me in so many profound ways, short moments of bliss spent with people I love only to bid goodbye forever.

But I ask myself one thing, being the receiver of all these blessings, how do I, in return, make a difference in other people's life? Be it at my workplace, or with my longtime friends, my family or even a total stranger.

Will someone one day look back and remember me as how I've remembered those who has made a difference in my life?

I do hope so...

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