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.: Joshua Harris : I Kissed Dating Goodbye :.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye
Joshua Harris
1997 , 2003 (updated)

Joshua Harris was 21 when he wrote this book about how he has given up on the whole "dating game" a decided instead to focus on serving God. It's not a book that says "dating" is sinful and all, but as how Joshua put is, dating is like fast-food restaurants - it's not wrong to eat there, but something far better is available.

I like the part where he said this in his book;

"Being in a relationship is an opportunity to love another person like God has loved us.."

I believe that as human, we often misuse the word love that it has lost it's true meaning.
The word love is not just a mushy-mishy lovey-dovey heart-racing feeling one gets when attracted to the opposite sex.

Neither does the love I'm referring to is in the same context as "I love shopping" or "I love Wentworth Miller".

The word love means being patient, being kind, being humble... It is not being envy, rude, selfish, easily angered....

I read this book during my college days, and also Joshua's other book When Boy Meets Girl, relating to how his relationship with Shannon develops and eventually, they got married. So when I reread it again today, it something that I can relate to much more now that I did back then.

Indeed, in a secular world, where the "terms" or "rules" of dating are govern by man, rather than God, we seem to be drifting away, some of us crumbling into the pressure of being "normal" as defined by man. We tend to disobey God and his rules and at the end of it all cause others and ourselves much physical or emotional hurt.

At the end of the day, to find the right partner, we first must work towards becoming the right partner and the trust God to cover the "who" and "when".

Afterall, isn't He the author of our lives and He knows what is best for us.

A book that I would like my cousin sisters to read before they start dating seriously. So Yin and Tammie, go to the nearest bookshop and get a copy of this book!

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