Friday, November 2, 2007

.: Teardrops :.

Do not regret to those who make you smile;
Regret only to those who makes you cry...

A boy with a rose in his hand, said this to the only girl he has ever love.

"The only time I would want to make you cry is when you're touched with what I've did. I want to be there for you whenever the next teardrop falls, coz I want to be the one holding you in my arms, wiping away your tears,pacifying you and tell you that everything will be alright.I want to hold your hands and pray with you and for you.I want you to know that you that I'm always there for you when you need me."

He cried. Bend down and laid the rose in front of her tombstone, regreting never having the chance to confess his feelings to the girl he loved.

And now, he can only tell it to the wind....

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