Sunday, November 25, 2007

.: Sunday Morning.. Rain Isn't Falling Though :.

It's Sunday morning. I woke up very early today. Not like I had much sleep last night either.

Alot has been running through my head lately, and I had been feverishly praying to God to help me to face this rough patch. I know that in the midst of all this chaos and twists in my life, God allowed it to happen. And His grace would not allow me to go through more than I can handle.

Anyways, looking forward to meeting the kids at Sunday School today. It's their FINAL practice before next weeks Sunday School Presentation.

The kids in Sunday School are going to have a small lil presentation next week, so if any of you guys are interested, do come to my church. They have been practising real hard, and given the time constrain and all, they are really good!

They will be doing two songs;

"Jesus What A Wonderful Child" (the hip and happenin' version)


"Never Forget There is Hope" (a really slow an nice song about Hope)

Here are some pics I took of the last week, during a full fledge costume practice

Sunday School teachers helping some of the kids dress up

Caleb said that his "jewelry" is making him itchy

I'm so so so proud of them! :)

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