Friday, November 23, 2007

.: Friday Blues :.

Suffering from Friday Blues...

It's 8.40pm and I'm still in office, dreading that my boss is leaving to Florida tomorrow.
Not, it's not like there's something going on between me and my boss, that would be scandalous (and scandal is so not me! *wink*)...

It's just that there's heaps of things which I have to follow up when he is not around. And I don't like following up. He deals with all the high post executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, whatever C's you can think of) and frankly, I'm quite intimidated in dealing with these people.

They are far more experienced, far more knowledgable, far more confident... me talking or interacting with them is like... gosh, it can really be so stressful sometimes!

But that aside, most of the people I deal with are generally nice.

Anyways, I shouldn't be staying in the office too late, I've got a farewell party to attend, plus it's really suffocating and stuffy in here.

Looking forward to meeting Eddie and the rest of the gang :)

Happy Weekends !

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