Thursday, November 29, 2007

.: Emptiness :.

Kath : I think I'm suffering from quarter-life crisis.

SJ : Got such thing wan meh?

Kath : Got la.

SJ : What kinda problem you have? Got work. Got money. Got people. What else do you need?

Kath : I don't know. I still somehow feel empty.

SJ : Empty? What else do you lack?

Kath : Seems as if I already have everything, doesn't it?

SJ : You have enough for now. Not everything.

Kath : Then how come do I still feel so empty inside?

SJ : Either you want more, or what you have now is just at the surface, as in a shell of the real things you want.

Kath : I guess what I have now is only the surface. I have the things that people see as enough, but it's not what I want.

SJ : Yes, it would seem so.

Kath : Why am I like that? I feel like I'm so ungrateful for what I already have.

SJ : Ungrateful is not true. You are unsatisfied. You will only be satisfied when you get what you want, not what others want.

Kath : If only I know how to be happy with what I have. I feel so guilty when people tell me I have everything. But I really feel as if I got nothing. I feel so under achieving.

SJ : You are doing things to please others, not yourself. Til this point I see you still doing for the sake of others, you are not doing it for yourself.

Kath : I don't know how to get a grip of my life. And I'm turning 22 soon. Sad isn't it?

If only I can learn to be happy with what I got.

Sometimes, I feel that it is all a facade to mask all the insecurities inside me.

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