Tuesday, November 13, 2007

.: Holidays + Weekends :.

I feel like I'm in a dazed now. Like a zombie. From the time exam was over on Tue till now. Wow! One week come to think of it. Darn, that only means results will be out in four weeks. This time round, I did much worse than the other time. So I'm very sure the chances of me passing is super slim. Anyhows, I will have to live the moment and forget about exams and results till the day comes. No point crying over spilt milk right?

To be honest, I should have taken a big rest on Thur during Deepavali holidays, but I did not. Instead, I occupied my time cooking (real food - not microwaved ones). Together with JC, we made chocolate mousse - which turned out okay (not fantastic) but a lil too sweet for my liking. JC thinks it is not sweet enough. Hmmm....

And for dinner, we made our own beef hamburger patty - Aunty Doreen's (JC's godmum) "improvised" recipe. The reason why it was improvised was beacuse we couldn't find any onions, so we used shallots instead, and I found out that we were suppose to use beef stock cube, instead of chicken stock cube to enhance the taste of the burger patty. So that's why it doesn't taste as good as Aunty Doreen's!

Anyhows, having said that, it still taste good, and we had a really good and hearty meal at home of prawn salad, mushroom soup and beef burger :)

Then come Saturday, which I know I should be taking some rest. Instead, I was up at 8am. Had bak kut teh with dad and JC for breakfast cum lunch in SS2 (my dad suggested Klang, but I'm not that adventurious when it comes to food, unlike my dad and JC. JC and I had an early home cooked dinner and then we decided to walk around Ikano/Ikea/The Curve.

It was crowded there (as always). Wanted to do some shopping (I'm a very very light shopper by the way), but JC doesn't look very interested.

Anyhows, had a great evening just walking up and down, enjoying Ikea's curry puffs (I absolutely love Ikea's RM1 curry puff...mmmmm...) and good music (they had a live band along Ikano's bazaar walkway).

Sunday morning - church. Been helping doing sewing of costumes for the Sunday School's kiddo presentation this coming December. Me sewing? Yes, I do sew ok, contrary to what you guys may think. Though it would help if I was much much much neater *wink* Just hope that the kids costumes don't tear up into bits and pieces while they are presenting.

Went over to Secret Recipe to buy JC's dad a birthday cake. Picked the Chocolate Banana cake (coz that is MY favourite *hehe*). Had a big hearty meaty meal at Euro Deli in D'sara Kim, nearby my place. Ordered spaghetti carbonara while the rest ordered pork knuckle, pork belly and a beer chicken (or something like that). Since the portion was too much for one person, everyone ended up sharing some of their meals with me :)

Ceke cutting session after dinner, though JC's dad was too shy to have candles and would not allow us to sing "Happy Birthday!". I did manage to sqeeze in a lil space for dessert (I have NEVER said no to desserts for those who knows me well enough *wink*wink*)

So, with such fun filled activities during the hols/weekends, one can not help but drag oneself out of bed on Mon morning, and Tue morning, and most likely Wed morning too *wink*wink* :)

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