Thursday, January 10, 2008

.: Dear Friend :.

Finally, the long awaited moment have arrived, where I was one of the privileged few to be given un-restricted access into Qianhui's private lil blog.

As I've mentioned in one of my recent posts, I really enjoy reading how one describe his or her emotions, experience and perspective of things in life.

It really touches me what some of the things she wrote, especially on our friendship. No doubt that we both know that we truly appreciate and cherish our relationship as very good friends, but to see it all being constructed in such beautiful words ... I honestly have to say that it beats reading a romance novel anytime.

An extract from what she wrote that touches my heart:
my friend...shan

you took the toughest road towards success among all of us,
choosing different paths from me,
charging yourself into the world of accounting.
you build your career at the youngest age,
being the first to face the cruel world,
and going through ups and downs along the way,
most of the time, alone!
taking few pit stops along the way,
you still appear to be one of the best in this business.
although you hit some bumps now,
you still fight through it with strong spirits,
bruised and hurt sometimes,
but survival is still yours to belong!

the one that understands me most,
that will always be there for me,
sharing the problems together to lighten the burden off my shoulders.
i'm so proud of you!
not because of all the great achievements you had,
but the person you had always been!
intelligent, determine, strong,caring, crazy...
little words can be used to describe,
the fully you, isyet too complicated.
but, comfortable as it can be, i love hanging around you!

cheers to our long lasting friendship
It's really makes me feel nostalgic all over again, reminiscing bout the good ol' day when we started out as friends.

I knew AhQian back in Form 3, where we were sitting nearby each other. To be honest, the first impression I got from her - scary. I deduced that from the way she scolded one of my classmates for interrupting her while she was doing her homework (we all know AhQian takes schoolwork very very seriously). And on that day on, I made a mental note not to get into AhQian's bad side, if not, I'm to face the wrath of this very fierce and intimidating girl.

But as time passes by, and we started talking and all, I realised that there's the other side of Qian that I've never seen earlier.

AhFei and I noticed that everytime, by 9.45am, AhQian will faithfully take out her lunchbox and start eating - right in the middle of a lesson, while the teacher was teaching! She can't seem to just wait the extra 1/2 hour for the proper recess time. And that after a certain level of stress (this can be seen nearing exams), she will start humming songs, laughing at the slightest funny (sometimes lame) jokes NON-STOP. We nicknamed her Japanese gay bee (long story from how that nickname originates). We did the Past Year PMR papers together (as nerdy as it may sound now, it was VITAL that we did it back then ok!).

So when we moved to Form 5, sadly most of us split into different classes - AhXiao to her one, AhSuk & AhFei to another, and AhQian & me to another.

I sat with AhQian, and together with Ann & Ting, we became almost inseparable. It was not exactly like we were best best buddies, doing shopping or manicures together, but we are comfortable enough to share and trust each other with our secrets (or so I think *wink*).

Needless to say, that eating habit of hers rubbed to me, and we will have our own mini picnic in class. I was almost caught in the beginning of Form 5 when our Maths teacher called me to stand to share with the class how I got first place last year. And there I was, standing up, the whole class looking at me, while I was trying to discreetly chew and swallow the large chunk of curry puff in my mouth. It was one of my most embarrassing, unforgettable high school moments of my life. *blush*

Pictures of us together, I don't think we even really have one, do we?

But I would really like to say this (and it's not because I'm being corny and all) that I really truly cherish the friendship we have built and sustained throughout these years. I may not have pictures of us, but I truly have your footprints in my heart.

Many people will walk in and out of our life;
but only a true friend will leave footprints in your heart.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

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