Monday, January 28, 2008

.: Poo(h)l Day Out (V2) :.

Venue : The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
Time : 8:00 GMT+8 , strictly not MST ( Malaysian standard time, GMT+8 + 30mins
Dresscode : Whatever (as long as you are wearing something non-offensive)
Event : Inter-guitarist , pooh and toothbrush fetisher British Pool Tourney. No transport provided unless explicitly requested, asked, and begged.

Since Pooh have been 'released' from the clutches of her partner, she decided to celebrate his absence with a round of pool. Well actually it's not going to be a tournament, rather it'll be somewhat a walk over. Just sit back, relax and lose. =)

Pooh, again you're reminded to watch your back. I don't want you to turn another healthy male into a homo. I know I know, I'm still sluggish from another round overnighting in office with meager amount of rest but you all can continue worrying. I'll be sure to pack enough punch to send you crying for COD4 instead.

Posted by Shiro at 10:37 PM

Well, all of this would have happened IF Shiro kept his promise and not ffk-ed us at the 11th hour. Can't believe that he just ditched our plan just like that!

Shiro - if it's because of a girl, SJian & I will NEVER forgive you. NEVER !

Ok, so Shiro did tell me that he couldn't make it coz he has no transport. But knowing Casanova Drew (he was a player back in those days), he must have arranged a date with some poor innocent, sweet young thing - and forgotten bout it, until she reminded him or something.

[ Yes Drew, I'm trying to tarnish your image... *muahahaha* evil laugh ]

But after all said and done, you know we will forgive Drew over, say, another buffet (on top of the one you already promised?) *wink*

Hopefully he doesn't ffk us again on Wednesday!

- Wednesday's Updates -

Note : No human/animals were harmed during the course of my pool game/practice.

So Drew & I (SJian decided not to join us) met up in Cineleisure to play (or should I say practice) our pool skills.

It was RM 3 per game, we play 4 games, so that would be RM 12 right?


Somehow, Drew manage to jimmy the pool table, and we only paid RM 9 :)

Anyhows, it started with Drew winning the first game.

And the second game.

But at the third game, I won. Well, actually I accidentally shot the black ball towards the end of the game - which means game over for me. But since it was only both of us, we decided to continue on - and I "won".

Ok, so the score was 2-1 to Drew.

I started the fourth game (with lack of strength - didn't even break properly). Drew managed to hole a solid. I missed mine. He nailed another. I missed again. He again nailed it. I again missed. He was obviously leading and going to win. But lil did he know I was trying to make him think that he was winning, when I started to display all my skills. One ball after another, with accuracy and precision (and of coz a lil bit of luck), I manage to take the lead...... and in the end WON! :)

In the end it was a 2-2 draw, but I was already satisfied. Drew thought we had played 5 games and he had won 3-2, but it was just a fraction of his imagination or due the anaesthetic of his operation weeks ago (whichever you prefer Drew- coz it doesn't change the facts that it was a draw) *wink*wink*

Absolutely satisfied, especially that I wasn't in a very good mood today.

Thanks Drew! GG! :)

Drew's comments & my response:

Wow gee, what a splendid journal this would turn out to be without some misguided and definitely misleading statements.

Whatever, let me graciously point out :-

1. I'm not a player.Yes you are.

2. I'm no Casanova! What gives you ( and the rest ) that idea? The one where I had 2 gfs simultaneously in HELP in additional of the one in Taylors was a lie. I was only loyal to the one in Taylors. Yeah, whatever gave me AND 20 other people that idea? I wonder?

3. Those points put right, I didn't ffk because of a girl. It's entirely because of transport. You should take a leaf from Gene's book. Granted it was Luke that picked me up from USJ, but Gene was the one who offered it in the first place and he did send me back from Tbun in the dead of the night. You should pick me up too =D Knowing that I have a terribly strict curfew and I have to drive all the way from KL to Subang to Curve to Subang and back to Damansara Utama, I think the whole journey would take at least 3-4 hours, and it would waaaayyy pass my curfew. Unless you do not mind answering to my Dad :)

4. -.- How many buffet do I actually owe? I only recall one, when I suggested Sakae Sushi. I was thinking none of us actually tried the japanese wine and would like to. I don't mind Sheraton as long as it have raw salmon ^^.
BUT If visiting me is hospital was too much of an effort, please by all means stay away. I can't remember how many you have actually owed us. I can't keep track of anything more than my the fingers on my two hands. *wink*wink* Plus, I never did said that visiting you in the hospital was too much of an effort.

5. I didn't "ffk" as much as you think. I unlike some fortunate people don't own a car. When I do get a hold of a car I willingly picked everyone of you if needed without complaint. Did I ever once said anything about my past generosities and whatnots? Wait, probably it's all forgotten. Erm, you do ffk us quite often. I wouldn't want to list it all down here, to lenghty.

6. The pool game was totally biased. You must have set the table or something up =.= I mean, seriously... You shots looks like some pinball machine with the balls flying everywhere and finally dropping in. It's called skills Drew. Skills.

7. It's practice, not practise. Anesthetic, not anaesthetic. And Shiro, not Drew xD Some people are not as fortunate as some who are actually dyslexic. Don't have to point out my misspellings to the whole wide world you know. *shakes head* Shiro = Drew = Shiro. Get used to it! *wink*

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