Tuesday, January 15, 2008

.: Call of Duty 4 @ TBun : The Sequel :.

When Drew called me for another round of Call Of Duty 4 @ TBun in Aman Suria, how could I resist? Click here for the story of my first time playing this game :)

I mean, this guy here is giving me an open invitation to whoop his a$$, which I did - well kinda anyways (I killed him once).

This time round, I was given a more proper tutorial by Seat Jian aka Cmdr Despair. At least now I know how to crouch, crawl, aim, use grenade (see I got the spelling right this time!) and use the knife, unlike the first time round where I only know how to walk up and down and shoot (Drew didn't even bother teaching me to right click the mouse to aim!). So this time round, I manage to hunt more people down (hehe - me likey the smell of bloooood *evil grin*) to average out about 3 per game. My highest score for the night was 6 people *beaming smile* I'm so proud of myself.

Though minutes before I retired from my game, Lucas aka Luco was shouting out loud
"Wei, why this stupid PoohBear blocking my way!"

Darn, isn't people more forgiving to newbies anymore?

So after a few matches, and because of my curfew (tell me about it, I'm already 22 years old and am STILL bounded by curfew set not only by my parents but also by Mr JC himself), we headed to the nearby mamak and had a drink plus
roti cheese plus mee goreng mamak plus roti tissue (it was suppose to be for a drink only) and then headed back home. I reached home at about close to 1am. I had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning! :(

Sorry guys, next time I will drive so that you don't have to fetch me back so early and continue with your games okies?

TBun next week again Drew? *wink*wink*


Shiro said...

I told myself I won't answer this post until YOU personally invite me. Sms came at 10:11am. "Dude, tmr hols... you knw wt does tt mean?

Hohohoho of course! Let your primal instict loose. Perhaps I'll indulge you in WOW too.

Kathlynn said...

Hehe! I'm addicted. But thank goodness I didn't play last night, or else Kitty will really lose his temper ;)

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