Thursday, January 10, 2008

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare @ Tbun v2

Don't worry Pooh, I'll update your readers for you.
Agent Pooh's updates in green.

1300 hours - With opportunity to strike, I contacted Agent Pooh for a rendezvous with Agent Banana. Our mission is to assault a local internet cafe. Mission briefing was short and therefore I have not received confirmation before our communications was terminated. I must be patient with this bumbling soldat.
1500 hours - I've contacted Agent Banana, he was quick to understand and respond. I will need more soldiers like him to raise the percentage of the success. At we stand now, we're at 60% chance of succeeding. Blast! I forgotten Agent Pooh. Recalculation brings the number down to 0%
1900 hours - I still have not received confirmation from Agent Pooh. I can't risk compromising the mission with another sms! Blast her
2000 hours - Agents have gathered at Alpha point. Codename: Chance, Cmdr. Despair, MOUSEY, luco, Annon, kitty, gene. They all have answered the call and awaiting strike orders. *sniffs* Ah, a sentimental moment, I'm so proud of them. *squaring shoulders* AND there's still no sign of Pooh!
2145 hours - Agent Pooh smsed. "Wei, izit on?" #%&@%#&$@!!!!!!! *ahem* "Await pickup Agent Pooh, we are going in hot"
2215 hours - We arrived at destination point. Taking a deep breath, I asked the rookie. "You ready?". Steely, she replied. "Let's do this" Whoa, there's hope for this warrior afterall

*a few mins later*

How the *bleep* to play this? Before anything happens I die! What the *bleep*!!!!!! How the *bleep* he kill me!? I *bleeping* give up! *bleep bleeep bleeeeep!*


Note : The *bleep*s are not of me using any foul language. Shiro, don't taint my innocent image okies *wink*

There's no such trait as innocence to those who open their mind

Well it's a public holiday the next day, so I thought why not go for a lil COD4 shootout. I remembered Pooh too. Kononya want to go with me after new year countdown at 3am but she fell asleep at 12. Sigh.

We arrived TBun uneventfully, and saw the rest of the gang already arrived and blowing people up. Eugene, Randall, Seat Jian, Vincent.. Lucas arrived later, after declining my offer to join us -.- There's some old faces I haven't seen in a while, namely Ngee Chong and Ng Wei Han. Still as suci as ever that Wei Han.

Pooh did quite well although she had some trouble orientating herself at first, and separating teammates and opponents. She was cursing [I did NOT curse!] and lamenting her downright low scores but I know she's having fun. ..sort of, in a disturbed way. *shudder* Your smile really does not go well while shooting people Pooh. Seriously, I was sprinting around knifing your teammates, I missed you and you shot me down. I turned over to tell you "CONGRATS! YOU KILLED ME!" and stopped with the words in my throat seeing a very sinister smile on your lips [Note : It wasn't a sinister smile - I was just concerntrating on my game[And so you did smile]] while your eyes are still fixated on screen,. over my dead body. >.< ... Well anywayssss, I'll be sure to call you out again for another session. And don't blame me for being an incompetent sifu. I can only guide you to the path you must take. How will you walk it, you must choose your own. mkayyyy? Some info on COD4 here.

Well, I was commenting that Shiro had not taught me all the techniques and tips of the game. All I knew was how to move and to jump. He did not teach me how to use granades, knives, etc.
It's grenades. Not granades. And I did told you which button was it. Rawr

But who could blame him? If he had taught me everything, he would have die-ed in my hands multiple times.
Yea right

So when is out next session? Bring it on!
Right after my op, assuming I live


CashQuest said...

Nice blog and music. Well, you like Call Of Duty game too!

Kathlynn said...

Thank you :)
I'm still learning to play COD *wink*

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