Thursday, January 17, 2008

.: American Gangster :.

After dinner at Genki Sushi in KLCC on Wednesday (I've been spending alot on food recently); kor and I watched American Gangster staring Denzel Washington (as Frank Lucas) and Rusell Crowe (as Detective Richie Roberts).

Taglined - There are two sides to the American dream, this movie set in the 1970s revolves around the life of Frank Lucas a heroin kingpin from Harlem who is smuggling drugs from the deep jungle of Vietnam using the US army planes returning from the Vietnam war back then. Richie Roberts, a rookie detective juggling a failed marriage, late night law classes and his career; attempts to bring down Lucas' drug empire.

It was really an enjoyable movie, plots and outlines almost somewhat similar to the Godfather. A lil draggy, but a good watch nonetheless.

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