Thursday, January 17, 2008

.: Visiting Hours :.

On Thursday night, right straight from work, Seat Jian & Jesamine & I visited Drew in Sunway Medical Centre.

He was there to undergo an operation to remove his wisdom tooth that was growing the wrong way, causing a growth at his upper jaw, near his left cheek. He seems fine after the operation, he could even joke and at one point smile (I tricked him into doing that and he just feel for it - slow), only to suffer the consequences later. (He couldn't smile coz it actually hurts his upper jaw *wink*).

But besides smiling, everything else seems to be working ok! Thank goodness the operation went well and he even had a souvenir to bring back home. Biohazard it was labeled.

We were there from about 8pm till 9pm plus, where the guard had to shoo us out as it's way past the visiting hours. As we were about to go out, an frail old man lying opposite of Drew called us out. In a soft, crackled voice he said (in Cantonese) "Can you please help me?"

Seat Jian and I walked towards him and Seat Jian asked what was it that he wanted help with.

He slowly lifted his hands and pointed his bony fingers upwards; muffling something that both of us could not grasp.

Thinking that he might have wanted his curtain pulled closed, Seat Jian was about to pull the curtains for him, until two nurses came and asked him in BM "What do you want?"

He was mumbling something and later, one of the nurse replied "Oh, you're cold isn't it?" And she took the blanket and covered him up.

It was such a pitiful sight, coz the frail, helpless old man reminds me of my grandpa after he went through two operations. And it was such a sad scene to see this old man there all alone with no one by his side. It's not right for me to pass any judgements, for I do not know the exact situation, but I really feel that there should be someone to accompany him for the night. I mean, here I see, an old man, frail, helpless and sick; spending the night alone in a cold, hospital. I started to imagine his life - how he must have worked so hard to raise his family; by the looks of his tanned skin, most likely labour work. And now, he's "abandoned"; all alone....


Maybe I just think to much and have misjudged the whole situation.

But I can't help but to have him in my prayers that night.....


Shiro said...

Thanks Pooh. You guys really did came. so I guess I'll try to be nicer to you in COD4. =p

Shiro said...

There is a pic of the biohazard in my blog. I didnt post the one i posed with it. =.= kinda retarded

Kathlynn said...

Yeah...of coz we came...

Kathlynn said...

Hey... Where got pics in your blog? Tak nampak oso?

Shiro said...

It's in my other blog. x.x I only posted the biohazard bag picture

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