Monday, October 15, 2007

.: What I Learn In Church Camp :.

I learned that...

... the tallest mountain in M'sia is KLCC (by Caleb)
... the place in M'sia that is known as "under the wind" is "under the air cond (by Janessa)
... I can fold balloons resembling a shape of a turtle (by Sherlee)
... aunty Wendy has ALOT of cards - Jusco, Tesco, MPH, Real Rewards, Bonuslink, etc, etc (during scavenger hunt)
... Keith has the talent to be a runway model (during Baba Nyonya Night)
... aunty Anita can really act out as the perfect "si lai lai", in three different dialect (during group presentation)
... my skills in pool is still as good as it was *wink*wink* (while playing pool with the rest of the boyz)
... aunty Cathy & aunty Nancy are one of the bestest aunties in church (during the whole time in camp)
... Sue Zann can really eat a banana real fast (during Telematch)
... boyz will always be boyz (hanging out with the members of Christ Clan)

but on a serious note

I learned during Rev Johnny's sharing of his testimony that the struggle I'm going through trying to find my calling when it comes to serving the Lord is something that he too has gone through. But eventually, it will all fit into this perfect picture that God has already determined for me, and when the right time comes, I will be ready to serve him where and when he needs me too. Children's ministry? Evangalism? Whatever it may be...

...I'm ready for repositioning,

...I'm ready for equipping,

...And I'm ready to serve the Lord.

"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord"

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